The company Karl Eschrich Glas GmbH is situated in Thuringia, where glass production and glass finishing has a long tradition. Since 1926, we have been producing vials and glasses out of glass tubes, which then serve as packaging material for a variety of products.
Our company is family-owned, already in third generation.The fascination, processing and refining of glass has been passed on not only to the next generation but also to our staff. This fact is reflected in the satisfaction of our employees as well as in the high quality of our products and the continuing success of Karl Eschrich GmbH.

Quality and quantity

Fire and glass go well together. However, the result of this combination depends on a delicate approach, knowledge and, last but not least, suitable technology. Our equipment is regularly checked and maintained so that it meets the strict quality requirements of our products. During the three stages of the production process a competent engineer is always present who can react instantly to keep production moving. Our qualified specialists monitor the equipment carefully and can influence product quality at every stage of the process. The Finished Product control by means of measurement equipment guarantees a constant high degree of quality. Even the smallest flaws can thus be discovered and excluded. This is how we
manage to achieve an annual production figure of more than 200 million glass vials all of which are of the highest quality and which satisfy our customers in Germany and abroad. The quality of our products depends on each and every individual worker. The manager of each stage of the production process is there to add his competent assistance whenever questions arise. After the goods have passed through the Finished Product control, they are packed in cardboard boxes in which the bottles are placed upright and tops up.